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March 17, 2013


Rev Buddy Bell



Cost: Early Registration $150.00/$225.00   Late Registration $200.00/$275.00

Early Registration Deadline: March 11, 2013



Course Description:

This is a Masters Course class: The Ministry of Helps in the Local Church Is one of the most important ministries. People finding their gifts and learning how to use their gifts causes maturity and strength in each person. It also provides the church with help to accomplish the vision of the Local Church. Churches need the ministry of helps. The time has come for church members to begin doing the work for the ministry and let the pastors return to being what they have been called to do--be spokesmen for Jesus

Requirements and Grading:

1.       Read all Books.   15%

Written 5-page critical report on all books. 35%
See link on how to write a critical report :  

Write a 10-page report on how to implement helps into your local church with at least 7 sources  footnoted with end notes as well as a bibliography.  25%

4.       Write a 10-page report on how to recruit helps ministry in your church and  increase your Helps Ministry.  25%




Click Here For the Course Description Syllabus To : "Helps Ministry"  Word Format

Click Here For the Course Description Syllabus To : "Helps Ministry"  PDF Format



Text Books For This Upcoming Class (click on the links below to order)


1.     The Ministry of Helps Handbook, Revised and Updated: How to Be Totally Effective Serving in the Local Church by Buddy Bell      
Ushering 101 by Dr. Buddy Bell (Apr 20, 2007)
3.    Greeting 101 by Dr. Buddy Bell
4.    Ministry of Helps Handbook by Buddy Bell 
(Sep 1, 1990) 

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